One step forward, HOLD.

Booger. Here I was, thinking how much better I’m feeling, no AF for a month, thinking about Bali travel again, but today I had another, less serious, episode of AF (atrial fibrillation).

It actually happened at the medical practice, while I was having my left leg dressed. It’s a bit of a mess and pretty painful at times. I’ve started a course of penicillin for it and Silver Chain are going to come every second day to keep it properly clean and bandaged.

I took bus and train into the city yesterday (this is relevant) and despite strenuous walking, I had no trouble (no AF trouble, I mean). But today, simply because I was a bit stressed by talking to a doctor I’ve never seen before, i.e. having to explain a lot in a short time, I was feeling a bit hyped up. I think that’s what brought it on. I mentioned it to the doctor and she said, if I’m having trouble, I’ll have to go to the hospital. Uh oh. No way. I’m not having trouble!

So on the advice of SCGH, I rode it out. It felt like a chest infection, a bit sore across the top, and a bit short of breath, but I rested in the car for about half an hour and did one GTN spray and it all came good.

However, that rocks me back on my heels. I can’t imagine being overseas when that happens. Suddenly, all my plans for travel look a bit sick.

The walking yesterday was pretty hard, too. I walked from the bus to the train, then from Perth station through the shops to St Geo Tce and back again, with a stop for lunch. I made it, but it was hard going. I’ve got a toe blister for my troubles. But it confirmed that it’s not exertion that brings it on. (By the way, it also showed me that I can’t handle the escalators any more. Far too fast for me.)

It’s occurred to me today – I reckon it’s “state of mind” that causes it. My previous cardiologist smiled and nodded when I said something similar a couple of years ago. Stress and anxiety. However, if mind can start it, maybe mind can stop it as well. I tried hard to calm myself in the car and thought of my heart slowing and going back into rhythm. Maybe I can work on this? I talked to my pharmacist afterwards about the medication and he didn’t flinch at my mention of mind control. We’ll see.


On the way back in the train, there was a young blonde sitting in the disabled seat near the railing. She had ear buds in, of course. I wanted to sit where she was! So I tapped her lightly with my stick and said, “Are you disabled?”

She said “What?” I repeated, louder, “Are you disabled?” Everyone in the carriage could hear me.

No, she said, but didn’t move. I said, “Well, I want to sit in that seat. I need to hang on to that railing.”

She got up and swapped seats with me, but didn’t apologise. She got off at the next stop and I felt satisfied I’d made my point. I’m not kidding – I don’t throw my weight around, my weight throws me around. I needed a railing to hang on to. People take no notice of the disabled signs!


I actually went into the city to find a CD of Italian music for my latest Blu-ray. I went to JB Hi-Fi and asked for instrumental music. They didn’t have much but the guy recommended an “Italian Cafe” CD. Thinking it might be like the Ibiza/Cafe/Jazz style, I thought it might be OK. Can I sample it? No, sorry sir.

Well, I paid $19.99 for it and it is utter rubbish. It’s nothing like what I need, not even close. Waste of $20. The upshot is that, Never Again! I’ll buy off the internet now, where I can sample. And retailers wonder why their business is disappearing!

Similarly, I was in Myer at Karrinyup the other day. Ah, vacuum cleaner bags for my Miele machine. Price? Nowhere to be found. Assistance? Nowhere to be found. So I walked away. I know another shop where I can get them, so Myer loses the sale. Stupid, stupid companies.


I made the first burn of my new Blu-ray on Venice today as a test. I’ve completed all four movements, but the test showed a lot that needs fixing – a bit of missing music, sound that needs levelling, some duplicate images, some that need shifting and so on. And two menus that are reversed. But otherwise, bellissimo! It’s about 35 mins and not for watching in one session, meant for having on in the background. I think it’s pretty good, though. Amazing quality.