Canal rocks container 1993

I lost my walking stick a few weeks ago. I thought I’d try to do without it, but I need the feeling of stability it gives me sometimes.

I’ve now been to six suburban pharmacies looking for a new one. None of them has anything but the screw-together sectional type in a small plastic bag, or full size wood ones which are not adjustable, of course.

This is crazy. I asked one place, “What’s going on? Why has the range disappeared? It’s not as if demand would fluctuate.”  She said people seem to prefer the collapsible type now.

I find that hard to believe. I reckon it may have something to do with reduced need to stock a range and smaller package size for the shelf. I’ve told them, “No sale, then. I don’t want what you sell.”

I’ve also called in twice to SJOG Cambridge St to find the pharmacy closed both times! Holy smoke, this is a hospital pharmacy. Surely they would have a steady trade from patients and visitors at all hours? But no, 5.32pm weekdays and Saturday afternoon, closed. This is getting very frustrating.


One month here now, and I’ve just about sorted out the keys. There would be about two dozen keys, at least, and not one of them was marked. It’s been a long process of trial and error. Still a few to go, but I’m nearly finished tagging them. Now I need a key cabinet.


I took a drive around the Joondalup business area the other day, and I’ve realised that nearly all the things I need are there – RAC, Jaycar, tyre places, Battery World, Brewmaster etc. It’s 14Km, not too far.


I did another beach stair descent, all the way to the bottom this time, and climb back up yesterday. I have to stop and rest a lot, but it’ll be a good way to measure progress.


My mobile phone is with iiNet now. Vodafone was costing me a fortune! I was getting low credit warnings about every two weeks at $30 per recharge. Now it’s $20 per month flat fee. The carrier is Optus, so maybe I won’t be getting the “Service busy” messages all the time either.


I need furniture, but I’m having trouble making decisions. How long am I going to be here? I feel very mortal. What’s the point? How much future have I got? The medication ain’t working yet, in other words.


I’ve started the novel Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel. What an unusual writing style. Not hard to read, but it’s a thick book. At a few pages in bed each night before I go to sleep, it’ll take months. It’s the same story as A Man For All Seasons, the play by Robert Bolt about Sir Thomas More, Thomas Cromwell and Henry VIII, one of my favourites.