Where’s winter?


Cairns 1987  © PJ Croft 1987, 2013

I must be feeling better. Yesterday I did a 45 min round trip walk via the chemist (across Marmion Avenue) and Coles then back home. Without stick.

Today I did the beach stairs, again without stick, and then did half the flights again. My aim is to reach the stage of getting up all ten flights without stopping for breath, then maybe do it twice. I can feel my legs improving.

Then today I followed the path at the top of the cliff for about a kilometer to see where it goes, and found a slightly easier way down to the beach. It’s a dog beach there too, but I don’t think Minnie would be up to it. Anyway, it’s such a struggle to get her in and out of the car. Hard on her, and me.


What a warm winter. Every day 20-21C. Perfect weather really, but where’s winter?


Oh, nearly forgot. If you buy (or look through) Australian Personal Computer mag this month, on page 12 you’ll see my mug shot looking out at you, with “Peter Croft says” beside it. The editor asked me to send him a shot of myself a couple of months ago, so I knew something was coming. I hoped I might win a prize, but no such luck. He’s actually used another mug shot from 2008, not the one I sent him.

Then in the list of suggested advertising slogans for PCs, mine is the second in the list: “The PC. When you’re serious, come and see us.”

It’s all about how tablets and laptops are outselling desktop PCs, but are really useless for serious work such as CAD, 3D animation, HD video editing, audio editing, large spreadsheets, serious writing and page layout and so on.


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