We’re famous


The incident was at the very bottom edge of this photo.
My house is near the top edge. The corner pub is
the smaller sandy patch (early Google photo - it's built now.)

Hey, it’s not every day your suburb gets mentioned on the national news.


It’s not exactly the news we like, but the woman was from Balga. I heard a chopper in the mid afternoon yesterday and went outside to see the Seven chopper hovering motionless in the sky nearby. It stayed for quite a while and I wondered if it was a car crash or something. But all is revealed – a shoplifter and an altercation with a Coles security person. Quite a serious altercation.

It’s a pity the ABC couldn’t get their Google Map reference right, though. They show the incident in the next suburb north, Alkimos. C’mon ABC, it’s not that hard.


Then last night about 8.30pm I heard a crack and a zing/whistle, like a sky rocket. Then another, and another. There were five in all, but I got to the door just after the fifth and couldn’t see any cause, except for a reflected red glow on something metal nearby. It may have been in the pub carpark, on the ground.

Never a dull moment around here. Well, quite a few dull moments actually.


Reading the alarm instruction manual yesterday, I thought I’d change my PIN, since I’m still using the PIN the previous owners had. It looked simple to do.

Well, I know now that the alarm and siren works! I followed the instructions, but neglected to verify that it was in Program mode. That triggered the alarm. I had to hurriedly input the code and it’s hard to do when there’s a siren/squealer going off. Did everyone come running to catch the burglar? Not a chance. No-one takes any notice.

That means I haven’t got the right Master Code number. I’ll have to ring the makers, I think, or just carry on with the existing PIN.


Did I mention that I met my other side neighbour last week? She seems nice. Now, if I can just get her yapping dog to know me …

I managed to get Minnie to come out to the front yesterday and watch the street, which she likes doing. She spent an hour or more out there, then when I brought her inside, she wanted to stay on the carpet next to me. She has trouble staying on her feet on the ceramic tiles, you see, so is reluctant to walk on them. Has to be done, Minnie. Take it slowly.


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