Sinking feeling


A car falls into a sink hole in Toledo, Ohio. Hence the saying, Holey Toledo!


The power went off at about 1030 this morning and came back at 11:58am. Alarms! Not mine, thank goodness, but no-one being home to reset them, the nearby alarms ran for the full ten minutes. And I notice street lawn sprinklers are on. Retic systems need resetting now.


I’ve just done the beach stairs, and managed one and a half ascents again, including one or two sets of three flights before pausing for panting. It’s definitely doing me good. No stick needed most of the time now. This is good!


But gastric reflux isn’t. Why has it started up again now? It’s not too bad but was a bit uncomfortable last night. I didn’t have my usual medicine chest either, so no relief.


Looks like I’ve got a taker for my quartz chips. A friend of Barry’s is coming next week to take ’em away. What shall I put in their place? Roll on lawn? Still deciding.


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