I don’t like it, sarge, it’s too quiet.


Yup, sure is quiet around here. Unless you count those pesky kids. They turned my water off a few nights ago. Yeah, the main tap is right near the foot path. It didn’t tax my brain to work out what had happened and a few thoughts of rocks and pickaxe handles passed through. But then I’d be the one in trouble.


I’m just completing my 9th piece of IKEA assembly (four chairs, four bookcases and the TV bench/cabinet). I quite enjoy putting it together. The instructions are very good and there are no missing parts.

Now to get some chests of drawers for the bedrooms and a sideboard for the dining room.

Having spent so much time looking at the web site and catalogues, I’m starting to recognise IKEA furniture in British TV shows!


I’ve just taken Minnie for a walk around the block. She was quite ready to come at first, but I think it was hurting her a lot towards the end (arthritis), so I’m not sure I’ll find it so easy to get her to do it again. Maybe if I just take her out onto the grass verge via the back lane next time. She’s very reluctant to come through the front of the house because she slips on the tiles so easily.


I’ve got some ulceration starting again on my legs, both shins. Uh oh. The doctor has taken a swab for testing – I’ll find out the result tomorrow. I sure hope it clears up. I never want to go through what I endured last October again. That was a terrible month of pain.


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