Black dogs

Yeah, black dogs are circling again, with vicious teeth, making me very, very nervous. I am taking appropriate steps, but it’s a bit hard at the moment.


One of the appropriate steps is the beach stairs. Three days in a row I’ve done two sets. That’s a vast improvement on three months ago. No stick needed these days either. I can walk easily now.

I was shown how it’s done by meeting a woman on the stairs yesterday who was jogging up and down without pausing for breath. She would have done six up/down circuits in the time it took me to struggle to do two. That’s fitness. She would have been mid thirties, though.


I’m back to Silver Chain every second day. I have to go to them now, at their headquarters in Kingsley. I’m happy to do it, but it’s 26Km one way, including 10Km on the freeway! Everywhere is a long, long way from here.

The reason is that my legs have developed lesions and discharge again, as last year, but both legs this time. The left leg is clearing up well, but there’s a big sore about the size of a 5c piece very red and open on the right. I’m hitting it with antiobiotic, so I hope we’ll beat it soon. Not painful. but both legs are bandaged again.

Why has this happened? I suspect that being depressed has led me to spend much more time sitting at the computer instead of moving around. All the evidence says we must not sit still for long periods. Even getting exercise later is not the answer. We’ve got to move every 10-20mins to stop this kind of thing happening as we get older. It’s a worry. Ironic: the PC is the greatest tool we’ve ever developed, but it’s also going to slowly kill us.


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