Keeping your feet


Well, this feels miraculous. My legs have come back again. I can walk easily and I want to walk. It’s those beach stairs that have done it. I did three circuits (down/up, down/up etc) today, for the first time. I probably could have done four. This is amazing progress from three months ago.

I thought I was destined for a wheelchair a few years ago. The loss of muscle was not sudden. It’s been progressive for years. In London in 2008, although I was walking all day, I was struggling to get up stairs. Just shows, a bit of extra effort pays off.


I’ve been seeing Silver Chain every second day and the left leg looks healed, the right is getting better. The depth of the ulcer is reducing.

I told the nurse yesterday that because I have to keep the dressings dry, my feet  haven’t been washed for a week or more. So she washed them for me, kneeling on the floor.

I should have made the joke: How’s your Biblical memory? Who was that bloke who knelt and washed Peter’s feet? Used to be a carpenter but had a run-in with the boss. Then got hit with nail guns. About 2013 years ago. Oh, what was his name?


I’ve thrown about 1,000 slides (in their pages) in the rubbish this afternoon. My thinking is that if I haven’t scanned them by now, they’re not worth doing and I’ll never want them again.

This is quite a wrench. I scanned and scanned and scanned for over ten years and I’ve got more than 5,000 of my own images on hard disks and DVDs. But there came a point when I realised, “I’ve finished.” Film is dead now. I don’t have anything new to scan, so I may as well sell my Nikon scanner too. It cost me nearly $2,500 in about 2003 and I reckon I’ll be lucky to get $500 for it now. I’ll still be able to scan on the Epson flatbed (very good results, too), but that’s it for serious pro-level film work. Film is dead.


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