Found at last


2 March 2008. Back when Minnie was a surf dog.

I found it, I found it! That thing I told a few people about that had become lost in my packing up and moving. I thought it would turn up eventually, but I was beginning to lose confidence.

I found it just now wrapped in plastic in a spare plastic box of bathroom cabinet stuff, down under the new basins. The plastic wrapping made it hardly visible, which was no doubt my intention back in February.


This is embarrassing. As I’ve said, I don’t like the quartz chips and Barry said he had a mate who would take them away. But that was many weeks ago and I’d forgotten when I was talking to my next doors – they want them too.

Well, I had a call from Barry at lunch time – “We’ll be there tomorrow with a trailer to get the chips.”

Uh oh. I think I’ll just have to ask Dave and Val how much they want and see if there’s enough to go around. I think there will be.

What to put in its place? It will be bare yellow sand initially, which will make raking up Minnie’s mess a lot easier. I wouldn’t usually consider artificial lawn, but in this area, very difficult to mow, in shade most of the time, I’ll think about it. I saw a full front lawn done in artificial turf yesterday and it does look nice. The only giveaway is that it’s too perfect.


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