Another coincidence

I slept pretty well last night after taking a Phenergan thickshake, but I happened to wake just before 3am for a pee. On going back to bed I turned the radio on to hear the news and the bulletin was followed by Richard Fidler’s interview program Conversations.

Who should his interviewee be this morning? Henry Marsh, the neurosurgeon I wrote about yesterday, the author of the book Do No Harm. That was good and of course I had to listen to the whole one hour interview until 4am.

It was good to put a voice to the face, since his picture was on the inside cover at the back of the book. I finished it last night. Good read. You might be interested to know that when a brain surgeon makes a mistake, accidentally cuts an artery or a nerve for example, they call it ‘wrecking’ the patient. It can mean irreversible damage leading to complete paralysis, a major stroke and a vegetative state for the rest of the patient’s life. I don’t know how the surgeon would cope with that.


I meant to mention that I’ve fallen out of bed twice in recent weeks. In my tossing and turning, I seem to work my way too close to the edge of the bed and one final movement sends me over.

I also woke up punching the bedside cabinet again last week. Some dream, where I was fighting with someone. Yow, it hurt.


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