It’s all good

K5 14Dec10-ISO800 017

Finally, a tech from Opticomm came on Wednesday. Finally! I’ve been asking for this for weeks. Anyway, he had a look at the coax connections and within about 20 mins had replaced one on my outside wall, in the box, and four in the pit in the footpath. He said they looked corroded, and it’s because they were below the hole in the concrete cover which allows it to be lifted. But that hole allows the rain to drip in, hence the corrosion. He covered them with plastic, he said.

So after 25 days of complaining, and repeatedly being promised phone calls or deliveries, someone finally came. Bloody hell! It wasn’t until I contacted Opticomm directly that something happened. It seems iiNet never submitted a Fault Report to Opticomm, despite all my complaints.

I’m afraid iiNet are going to lose my business after this. This has been painful, atrocious. I’m on a 2 yr contract, but as far as I’m concerned, they have failed to provide the service they contracted to.


Sorry, no more for now. For the last two days I’ve been shivering and feeling very weak. I had another dose of “the rigors” on Wednesday, uncontrollable shaking and shivering, lasting about three hours. Even now, Friday, I feel weak and shivery. It’s greatly helped by a Panadeine.


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