Battling on

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Gunung Agung in placid mode.   © PJ Croft 1986, 2017

I battle on, day 23 ending, still no reliable internet. It’s working at the moment, but drops out unpredictably. I’ve discovered by dealing with Opticomm directly that iiNet has never submitted a fault report to Opticomm! After three weeks of empty promises which never result in any action.

According to iiNet last Thursday, I was supposed to have an Opticomm guy deliver a new cable modem “within 24 – 48 hours”, i.e. Friday or Saturday. I sat around all day both days, but no-one called, no-one came. I am sick of this!!!  iiNet’s promises are utterly worthless.

Now today Opticomm are telling me I have to get back onto iiNet Support. Why? I think iiNet have still not submitted a fault notification and I have to prod them.

I shouldn’t have to diagnose this fault. Someone should have come here within the first few days, first week at least. I’ve now emailed iiNet’s Customer Relations and SHOUTED at them, I WANT THIS FIXED. Pathetic.


I was buying drinks the other day and I noticed a bottle of vodka labelled Gluten Free. That’s good to know, for the big drinkers. I had to laugh.


Ugh, feeling the beginnings of a cold/flu. A bit achey, muscle aches, throat ache. I hope it goes away. I never get colds or flu. Especially not flu. The only time I can remember was about 1973. I had to go out to make a phone call (no phone in my flat then) and had to crawl up some steps on hands and knees when I got back. Nothing that bad since.


USA – sick country, sick people, sick president, sick government.  UGH!  I will never go there again.

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Gunung Agung 1986, peaceful.   ©  PJ Croft 1986, 2017