Battling on

Gunug Agung+cloud 85

Gunung Agung in placid mode.   © PJ Croft 1986, 2017

I battle on, day 23 ending, still no reliable internet. It’s working at the moment, but drops out unpredictably. I’ve discovered by dealing with Opticomm directly that iiNet has never submitted a fault report to Opticomm! After three weeks of empty promises which never result in any action.

According to iiNet last Thursday, I was supposed to have an Opticomm guy deliver a new cable modem “within 24 – 48 hours”, i.e. Friday or Saturday. I sat around all day both days, but no-one called, no-one came. I am sick of this!!!  iiNet’s promises are utterly worthless.

Now today Opticomm are telling me I have to get back onto iiNet Support. Why? I think iiNet have still not submitted a fault notification and I have to prod them.

I shouldn’t have to diagnose this fault. Someone should have come here within the first few days, first week at least. I’ve now emailed iiNet’s Customer Relations and SHOUTED at them, I WANT THIS FIXED. Pathetic.


I was buying drinks the other day and I noticed a bottle of vodka labelled Gluten Free. That’s good to know, for the big drinkers. I had to laugh.


Ugh, feeling the beginnings of a cold/flu. A bit achey, muscle aches, throat ache. I hope it goes away. I never get colds or flu. Especially not flu. The only time I can remember was about 1973. I had to go out to make a phone call (no phone in my flat then) and had to crawl up some steps on hands and knees when I got back. Nothing that bad since.


USA – sick country, sick people, sick president, sick government.  UGH!  I will never go there again.

Sanur dawn prahu 55

Gunung Agung 1986, peaceful.   ©  PJ Croft 1986, 2017


2 comments on “Battling on

  1. Kevin Baker says:

    Hi Pete, I came across your blog by accident whilst trying to find some old photos of Kuta and the Seaview Hotel in particular.

    Do you have any others you can share, of the hotel and/or the staff from back in the late 70’s or 80’s?

    Cheers mate, hope to catch up one day soon.

    KB – old Channel 7 KB that is!

  2. Pete says:

    Hullo KB, good to hear from you. You’re in luck. I have quite a few photos of the Seaview and the people from that time and im happy to share. You may be the lucky recipient of a copy of my CD ROM of the time, labeled TVW version. I think you’d like it.

    We should meet up. I’m at friends place after a cataract op this morning, I’ll be home tomorrow and I’ll email you then. I’m a bit one eyed at the moment. A lot has changed for me in the last few years. For the better! Cheers.

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