More coincidences

I’ve written about this before: precognition.

Yesterday about 10am, the word zootsuit popped into my mind. It’s a 60s word like bodgie and winkle pickers and so on. I haven’t thought of it since about, well, the sixties.

Lying in bed last night reading Bill Clinton’s book, about 15 pages on from where I picked it up, there was the word! Zootsuit. It was in connection with a London visit in 1969. I would have fallen over backwards if I hadn’t been lying in bed.

This is weird. I hadn’t been flicking through the pages. There’s no way I could have known the word was there. Yet 12 hours before, I’d thought of it. How does this happen?


I’ve just been driving on the freeway. You could go months without seeing a Toyota MR2, Toyota’s mid engined mini Ferrari. But I was passed by one, a green early model, the chunky square tail-lights one.

Then three minutes later, another one passed me! This was a red curvy looking model. To see one is unusual, but to see two in three minutes is unheard of. Except you’ve just heard of it now.

I’d love to own one, but I’d never be able to get into or out of it.


Two beach stairs today.


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