Sorry for the quiet


Yes, I’ve been a bit quiet recently, sorry. That black dog is still circling, and baring his teeth, which is making me very nervous, anxious. Hard getting to sleep too, although once I am asleep, (after 1 – 2 hours trying), I sleep well.

Exercise helps, and I’ve discovered the Butler Walking Group. Mondays at 9am at the community centre. That’s 850m away, and I’ve done the walk there to check. Had a brekky with friends this morning, but next Monday I’ll be there.

My legs have really come back. It’s those beach stairs that have done it. I did four ascents last Monday! In March, I was battling to do one, with my stick. I don’t use the stick any more. I can enjoy walking again. I’ve also lost more than 10Kg over the past year, which helps.


I bought seven items of IKEA furniture last Thursday, too. All storage stuff like bedside cabinets, chests of drawers (2), sideboard, wall glass cabinet and so on.

I went to IKEA today to buy some extra shelves for bookcases, but when I got them home, they’re wrong size, too deep. I didn’t realise there were different depths. Oh well, they’re still in original wrapping. so it looks like  another long drive to return them.


I( was out spraying Feed’n’Weed on my clover verge yesterday and a woman came up and introduced herself, saying she’s from two doors up. She likes to get to know people in the street, so we had a good chat for nearly half an hour. She’s an Aussie too! Not many of us around here. Her husband’s a very tall ex-cop, too, so a good bloke to know.


I’m reading Bill Clinton’s autobiography at the moment, all 957 pages of it. The amount of detail is almost overwhelming, but he keeps me hooked. I have to give him  credit for stamina. His life was just endless meetings, arguments with Republican congressmen, travelling, diplomacy and dealing with enquiries. Endless! Trip to Europe and back in a day. We’re just coming up to his second run at the presidency (which we know he won, of course).


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