I made my first outing with the Butler Walking Group this morning. I’m embarrassed to say I only got about a third of the way to the destination and had to turn around and go back to the start. I’ve just looked at Google Earth and the destination was the site of the new Butler train station, 2.4Km round trip. The group soon went way ahead, one 6′ woman in particular striding out. I made it to 0.7Km and the lady walking with me could see I was struggling so said, “Let’s go back.” Still, I walked 1.38Km non-stop at quite a fast pace, so it wasn’t wasted. My thighs tightened up, which shows they were used.

The lady with me was Doreen, the organiser of the group, and she’s very nice. There are nearly 20 of us, all oldies like me, many much older. We had a nice coffee afterwards. They’ve told me of an Over 50s group too, so I’ll follow that up.

I’ll try to do that walk later this week at my own pace, just to see if I can do it with rest stops.


I knew the Butler station was coming along, but apparently there’s going to be a big shopping centre there too, with Woolies and Big W. That’s OK with me.


Having a hard time at the moment. The effect of the medication I’m on lessens and I’m having to use all the relaxation techniques I know. I see the doc at 5pm today – I hope to switch to more effective stuff. The walking helps, but it wears off.


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