What planet?



Up at 5am this morning, before dawn. Very erratic sleep these days – up every 2hrs for a whizz, can’t get back to sleep.  Anyway I opened the front door for a look at the day and saw that, very bright!

It’s just above the sun, which hadn’t risen yet.  It’s not a star because it has a disc shape and doesn’t twinkle, so it must be a planet.





I suspect it’s Jupiter as it’s so big and it’s not the red of Mars.  I’ll check it out on-line at one of my favourite (checked daily) sites, http://www.universetoday.com  Recommended.

UPDATE:  nope, it’s just good old Venus.  I usually think of it as the Evening Star, but it’s near the Sun so it’s there in the morning too.

Venus-South-to-North1Credit – Universe Today, created using Starry Night Education software.


I’ve just read the news item about 15min cold showers being as good exercise as an hour of walking.  That should work for me – I have a coldie every morning from the beginning of November to the end of March every year. Saves the power/gas bills!  But the problem is, you have to be shivering.  That’s how you get the exercise.  No shivering here I’m afraid, not until winter.  I’ll try to keep going in winter.  It’s OK once you get under.


I have to be at the Mount Medical Centre at 9am next Wednesday for a specialist appointment.  I thought that was bad enough, the problem of how to get there and park in peak hour.

Then I realised I also need a spine MRI in the same building.  I phoned for an appointment on the same day since I’m going to be there anyway.

Yes, Mr Croft, how about 7:20?  What, in the morning?!  Yes, or we could do it in the evening.

OK,  0720am it is.  So now I’m planning a bus/train/CAT bus trip for next Wednesday.  I’ll do a trial run tomorrow, I hope.  Certainly getting up early isn’t a problem these days.