Full steam ahead, bosun

AC racing + ship Jan87HThere's me, on the main mast.  ©  PJ Croft 2014

Ahoy landlubbers. Today I set sail for Singapore. Yes, at 6pm the P&O Arcadia casts off and heads out through Gage Roads, up the West Australian coast to our next port, Bali. We get there at 8am next Monday and have the day there, setting sail again at 6pm.  I hope to catch up with friends there.

Then we berth at Singapore next Thursday morning at 8am and that’s the end of the cruise part.  Five nights in Singas, then flight back on Tiger the following Tuesday.

Baz is picking me up at 9am and I’ll have to fill in time at the ship terminal until noon check in time (Baz has appointments this morning – good bloke).

One thing I have to carry this time is my esky with a couple of insulin pens being kept cold by ice bricks. There’s a fridge in the cabin, I’m told.  Then transporting them cold from the ship to the hotel in Singapore and I’ll dump the esky.

My BSL control is much better now – averaging 8-12. The aim is to reach 4-6, but that’s a bit low for me from experience.  I’m carrying jelly beans in my bag now, for the first signs of hypoglycaemia.  It’s very noticeable.

OK, time to sign off. Next installment from Singapore, I would say.  Lots of photography and video, I hope.

Holy baggage, Batman!  My suitcase ended up at 17.4Kg, but so much of that is made up of “stuff” other than clothing and toiletries.

  • CPAP blower (not bothering with humidifier – it should be humid enough where I’m going);
  • Power cables – for that, plus for laptop (I have to take it);
  • Battery chargers for phone and camera batteries;
  • Power adapters, AUS to UK;
  • All my many pills, enough for 14 days, plus all my or4iginal prescriptions, just in case;
  • A good book and set of magazines;
  • Headphones, small cheapies that I can discard when I get to Singapore and buy a better pair;
  • Two cameras and two fairly bulky lenses, although nowhere near as bulky as they were a decade ago;
  • Walking stick, in two pieces.

Notice I haven’t mentioned shoes! I never wear shoes any more and to take them and my sandals would be a huge extra bulk. Sandals only, I’m afraid, and if they don’t meet the dress code in the dining room, I’ll eat in the snack bars.




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