Singapore, Friday 14 March 2014


Albert Street Mall. A Parisian influence?
Do I have a fisheye lens to get this super wide angle?
No I don't.  This is a series of shots taken with a 28mm
and stitched with AutoStitch, that marvellous free software.  Love it.

Good sleep.  There’s a huge apartment block next door so the daylight is fairly weak through my windows.  Oh, my aching feet and legs and back.  I’m paying for yesterday’s walking, so I’m taking it easy now trying to let the aches improve.

Lunch in Sim Lim Square at 2pm. Kimchee fried rice.  I’ve never had kim chee – now I have an idea of what it’s like.  Think chilli hot spicy cabbage.  It’s not bad.

I walked around the ground floor of Sim Lim, but I wasn’t tempted.  I have everything I want and there are no bargains here any more, just instant stock if you are interested in something. Back to the hotel very slowly and painfully.  My left foot is very sore. I’ve just discovered a big blister on my big toe. Damn.  I had a good swim in the pool at 5.30pm and was reminded how good the water feels.  This pool is only 1.2m deep all the way, and that’s ideal for water walking.  I did quite a few laps.  Back to the room, too sore to go out for dinner.  I’d order room service, but they don’t seem to have that.


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