Singapore, Monday 17 March 2014 cont’d


Insulin.  I haven’t mentioned it for a while.  Above is one resultant graph of my BGL readings 2hrs after the evening meal.  The graph goes back to 19 December last year, but I only started the insulin on 6 February this year.  The improvement is quite visible.  The trend line is Excel’s, not my own estimation, so it’s pretty accurate.  Here’s another graph, of my BGLs first thing on rising, before breakfast:


That’s also pretty clear, that the insulin is working.  The doctor said they are taught, “Fix the early morning readings first”, i.e. judge progress by whether your overnight fasting level is falling within the 4-6 range.  Once you’ve got the insulin dose up enough for that, then decide whether more is needed during the day.  I’m on 56 units now.  Probably 60U will be about right.  There are 260 units in a pen, so that means a new pen every four days. And I wondered why I was given five boxes of five pens each when I first started. Hah!

The results? I’m not as weary as I was, not as tired.  I don’t need to sleep as much during the day.  My vision has slowly improved, so much that I need to take my glasses off to read. I’m using single vision “computer glasses”, formulated for short distance work, but they are actually good for long distance, not short distance any more.  But with my vision changing so much, it’s hard to know when to get new glasses made.

However, I still have very low muscle strength and endurance.  I’ve noticed that my 20Kg suitcase, which in my travels before I never used to have much trouble lifting, is now almost more than I can manage.  My muscles have really atrophied in the past 4-5 years.  I can walk short distances quite easily and I don’t get short of breath, but my legs just won’t carry me any further and I have to stop and rest.  Carrying a fairly heavy camera bag is hard on my spine, too.  Sure ain’t like the old days, Ma.


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