Life in the ‘burbs


Each taken with Olympus OM-D E-M1. Sharp, hand held, no camera shake, low noise.


Singa pano 1


At the pub the other night (Brrrr):

  • Woman: “I’m like, just over there and we, like, were wondering if we can, like, order something now?”
  • “G’day mate, I’m from Darwin and I’ve been out in the Tanami Desert and I dunno about the rules about singlets and I’m on Darwin time zone and I dunno if I you can serve me?”   Yeah, no worries, mate.

I said, “If you can wear a singlet in this cold, you’re OK, mate.”  Grin.

  • He passes me 20 mins later, breathing beer fumes into my face and says,  “Did you hear? … two baked beans travel around Australia and they end up in Cairns [pronounced Cans]”  Hah ha hah.



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