This is what the next book is about

Every time I look at my image browser program of my Japan trip, I’m bowled over. Like this:

Contact SheetContact Sheet2These are just random samples of the 350+ images from that Japan trip. That trip was remarkable and though it sounds boastful, I was hot! This is good travel photography. I want to show it because it gives me endless pleasure to look at it.


The dreaded lurgy …


Read the fine print! See item below. © PJ Croft 1992, 2014

Uuuurrrrrgh. A mild cold last week turned into a bad one this week. Not flu. No aches and pains, no bad fever, although a little feverish at times. Just coughs, congestion and confusion. And bed. Actually, the congestion was so bad last night that I had to sleep sitting up. It worked a treat. I awoke about 6am feeling clear enough to lie flat again for another couple of hours.

But today I feel so droopy, so lacking in energy … I deliberately went to Clarkson for lunch and supermarket but wow, it was hard to stay on my feet. Lucky they provide armchairs.


I’ve spoken before about my precognition, and yet another instance has shown itself.

For the past two days the name Litvinenko has been rolling around in my mind. I know who he is – it’s a familiar name, but why now? The name has been constantly in my head.

Bazinga! In the news today, Alexandr Litvinenko’s widow is to seek compensation for her husband’s death. He was a Russian in London targeted by the KGB and poisoned with Polonium, a radioactive substance. There was no cure. He died an agonising death. Nice KGB. Nice Russia.


I’m pretty upset with Photobook Australia. I’ve been using their software since 2009 to get printed books of my images, as you know. I’ve done six books so far, and I planned to do at least three more. To that end, I’ve bought pre-paid vouchers as the specials come up. I had two waiting for me to do my next book.

Yesterday I got an email from them saying my vouchers expire in 24 hours! These cost $45 each, $90.

I sent off an angry email because I thought they had a three year validity. It seems the rules had changed and I hadn’t read the fine print.

They’ve given me a three week extension, in view of the past business I’ve done with them. So now I’m embarked on a fast book composition project. All the previous books I’ve done have been three months, at least. Constant checking, constant refining, constant, improvements.

But I’m going to tell them, this will cost you my business. You can’t take my money, then confiscate it without providing a product or service! Your software is crude and clunky, it has bugs, there’s no page numbering … the only reason I’ve continued to use Photobook is because it does dropped shadows, which I really want.

But there are other book comp web sites, so I’ll use someone else next time.

At least my next three weeks is pretty well mapped out.