This foul government

African SunsetAnd again: Richard Ackland in The Guardian –

“The Abbott government has taken us into a whole new territory as a result of disregarding Australian human rights obligations under international and domestic law.”

This cruel government is engaging in “refoulement”, the UN term for turning refugees back to a place where they face significant harm. It is illegal! There’s no other way to put it. It is breaking international law, and indirectly, Australian law.

From the comments –

“what can you say – apart from another despicable act from the worst government in australia’s history?”

“I can say that despicable is the nice way of putting it. Illegal, vicious, arrogant, and embarrassing are a few more adjectives.

But the fundamental problem is that when you stop regarding refugees as people and dehumanise them into statistics and when you abandon any empathy for people who have taken considerable risks to escape perceived or real dangers, you reduce yourself to a sub-human level – a level where morality is abandoned.

Richard Ackland is undoubtedly right that this refoulement is illegal but it is also completely immoral and a sign of degeneration into a barbaric state.”

What do you do when your own federal government engages in law breaking? You must get rid of this government, that’s what. By any means, fair or foul.


My new Casio watch arrived this morning (from the USA, via an Aussie web site).  What a contrast between my two current watches.

aq-190w-1avdfSkagen black watch











One, simplicity, the other complexity. I think I’ll have hours of fun trying to figure out what all the dials and buttons do on the Casio. It takes multi-mode to a new level. For $79!