The list

Tamanrasse ALGERIA

Tamanrasse, Algeria. I just like this shot.

The list of great Australian prime ministers:

Labor –

  1. Gough Whitlam
  2. John Curtin
  3. Paul Keating
  4. Bob Hawke
  5. Ben Chifley
  6. Bill Hayden would have been
  7. Julia Gillard

Liberal –

There are none!! Everyone will say Bob Menzies. Longevity does not make for greatness. He did nothing except create the Liberal Party, and presided over an insular, complacent, arts stifling, male dominated, Royalty obsequious, England boot-licking, boring country. This is widely acknowledged, it’s not just my opinion.

Menzies and Harold Holt lied to the Australian people about the reasons for Australia’s entry into the war in Vietnam. Lied! The damage to our troops and the awful effects on the Vietnamese people are a disgrace to his memory.

McMahon was a stupid, slow thinking incompetent fool.

Gorton was a nice bloke but weak and perpetuated the insular Australia. He did nothing except try to work his charm on women.

Billy Snedden was another low competence, complacent joke.

Howard was and is a liar, a blatant racist, a monarchist boot-licker, the man who broke Australia’s heart over the republic. The outrage over his lies about refugees jumping into the water in the SIEV X affair will live in infamy.

Abbot is a low intelligence but rat cunning, lazy, climate change denying, lying (“no new taxes, no surprises”), obsequious monarchist (“Sir” Pete Cosgrove, how embarrassing!). There’s no way he will ever be on any list of greatness.

So all in all, all the talent, all the intellect, all the greatness, all the competence, all the visionaries, all the great leaders come via the Labor Party. Always have, always will.

Want my opinion? Just ask.


At this time, this nasty Liberal government is running a Royal Commission with “Union Corruption” in its title. Nothing like pre-judging the outcome! They’ve just extended the time allowed by another 12 months, and done it very quickly. They haven’t found enough dirt, so they’re going to allow another year to ensure that they find dirt, by any means they can.

At the same time, in today’s news, Australia is being described as a “paradise for tax evasion”. White collar crime is rife! Almost all the country’s wealthiest people pay almost no tax! And this government has cut the funding to the Australian Crime Commission (ACC) to ensure that this wealthy, tax evading, corrupt oligarchic elite continues on its merry way. All big friends of the Liberal Party. Just where’s the corruption??

The attempt to pin charges on Kevin Rudd and Peter Garrett over the home insulation scheme deaths in 2009/10 — who employed untrained incompetent youths to install that metallised insulation? Greedy businessmen who saw a chance to make big, quick money, that’s who. Not Rudd or Garrett! Why should the ministers be blamed for the deaths when it was the employers who caused them.

Insider trading; failure to pay wages or adhere to award conditions; tax avoidance and the crime of tax evasion; breaches of Health and Safety laws; employment of illegals; endemic drug (cocaine) use and importation; extortion by supermarket chains; intimidation of small businesses; driving small competitors out of business — all crimes of the management class. Yet this government concentrates on trying to pin corruption charges on unionists! I spit!



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