Off we go, into the wild blue yonder

Ochre 12am Friday morning, just waiting for taxi to airport. Packing has been laborious! So many things to take, so many things that are essential. The big 500g tub of Dermeze – hate to pack it, but I need it. Maybe I’ll ditch it at some stage.

I’ve got all my insulin pens (15 of them) enclosed in a freezer pack inside an insulated bag. Can’t allow them to warm up – if they do, they’re only good for a week. I need five weeks’ worth. Likewise Byetta – only one pen, but it’s in its own freezer pack. If that gets hot it’ll be rendered useless. It’s a worry.

Getting a limo to the airport. He’s guaranteed to be on time. A bit more expensive $110 but he says he’ll turn up. Taxi companies may not.

Gotta go.