Perth, home again


Trompe l’oeil.   Villa at Ketewel.

Yeah, back home, and freezing. It was 16C at the airport at 1pm and sunny, but in the late afternoon it got down to 13.6C at one stage, so the radio said. I’m cold. I’ve got the reverse cycle aircon on, set to 26C, ironically the same temperature as we were setting in the hotel room. And the aircon controller was exactly the same in the hotel as mine here.


I had to leave for the airport at 7am and Made, the driver, was there right on time. He’s a good bloke, speaks well and clearly. We passed a motorbike accident on the way, not serious, luckily, just a rider who’d come off on the Bypass and smashed bits of his bike. He was OK. That’s the first I’ve seen in many years. Made was saying that although Bali driving looks crazy, it all works because they don’t get upset with each other, they all give way eventually, and it’s true.

At check in, they said I only had a standard ticket, and would I like to upgrade to a premium one, “only 50 Aussie dollars”. It gives you priority boarding, personal help with immigration (no queuing), access to the T/G Lounge (I never found it), a private car to the plane and help with the seating. Also your baggage is first off the plane at the other end.

Well, I was in a weakened state so I paid it, despite believing that I’d already upgraded a couple of days before for A$22. I’m going to pursue this, as I reckon I’ve been dudded.

I certainly got whisked through customs, but I never found the T/G Lounge, whatever that is, and still had the long, long walk to Gate 10.

There I was asked to sit aside while all the other passengers went through, then, sure enough, a small bus pulled up and it was just for me. I was the only passenger on a 20 seater. Bizarre. They drove me to some concrete steps and the guy carried my heavy cabin bag up, which was good because I’m having increasing difficulty with stairs.

Then he carried on through to my seat (26C) and settled me in. OK so far. But all the seats around me rapidly filled up, so my dream of having a row to myself was dashed. The plane was virtually full.

We arrived 15 mins early to Perth (1225 instead of 1240) but although my bag was marked Priority in red and yellow, it was nowhere near first off.

No matter, as I had nothing to declare I was straight out the doors and onto the pavement by 1255. Not bad, compared with the old days.



Sorry to repeat this picture, but I like it.  (C) PJ Croft 2016

Despite the cold, I’m pining for the heat and humidity already. I have an appointment with a specialist on 1 July, with an operation to follow soon after, I hope, to have my gastric band removed. It’s causing problems, I suspect. I also have a couple of other problems that need seeing to. I hope and expect that my friend will come back to Perth soon, but she’s not going to like this weather, that’s for sure. I’ll go back to Bali as soon as I’m able.


On the drive to the airport I asked Made about the ginormous construction that can be seen on the highest point of the southern peninsula of Bali. Even while it’s being constructed, it looks enormous and can be seen from miles away.

He said it’s a new statue of the Bali/Hindu style, and will be eight times taller than the Statue of Liberty. Huh? He said it’s going to be the tallest statue in the world. Already, you can go up to the first viewing level, while it’s being built.

Well, good luck to them. In a land where people are desperately poor and have no social benefits in sickness and old age, a huge amount of money must be being spent on this one statue. Hmmm.


This new power pole is not set into the ground, and is supported by those two concrete slabs. It definitely seems to be in use. I guess they’ll finish it one day. That’s our hotel, the Artotel, in the background.


For those members of the Misplaced Apostrophe Society, take a look at this menu. Smoothies’s ?

But that’s not as bad as a WA yoghurt called Chris’ Yoghurt. It’s Greek. It sure is. Chris’ ???


2 comments on “Perth, home again

  1. Danny says:

    Ah Crofty you’ve done it again! But this time I must reply. Chris’ Yogurt is correct as it is possessive. That’s what I was taught at school – Catholic mind you so we are different. See
    So I guess in this day and age where English does not matter, who cares!
    PS: Welcome back. May be worth a catch-up to debate further or just chew the fat on more important matters.
    When I get round to it I have a good photo for you to critic but I’ll have to send it via email as I can’t see how to add a photo to this reply.

    • Pete says:

      Hi Danny. I’ve looked at your links, but still, I will never say “That’s Chris’ dog”, or “Chris’ Yogurt”. It’s Chris’s dog to me, or Chris’s yogurt, (until it’s Pete’s’s yogurt). I agree that either way is in use, but to me, I just can’t say it or agree with it — the missing ‘s’.

      Yes, catch up any time. Let’s talk via email.

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