I finished assembling that desk today, and it looks gruk! (That’s “good”.)  This is my guest bedroom.  It’s an IKEA desk, costing only $69. Surprisingly tricky to assemble, it had me scratching my head at times, because it can be assembled in either left or right hand configuration, so you have to mentally adjust.

The room is very masculine, but I don’t have many female visitors. Applications are welcome. 🙂

That lamp came from a verge throw out in Trigg in about 2012. I picked up several very nice items and said to the guy, “Are you moving?” He said, no, he just wanted to get rid of them. Well, throw some more my way, mate.


Now for a few big IKEA items, a 6-drawer chest for the main bedroom and two large book cases for the living area. These are heavy items, so I’ll be assembling them right near the final resting place.

I love assembling IKEA stuff. It’s like a big toy/mind exercise.


Aaah, midwinter. Shortest day of the year, and we can look forward to longer days and some warm weather again. I must admit, my right hip is giving me curry in the cold.