New plan?


Seen one sunset, ya  seen ’em all, ay? (C) PJ Croft 2016

It was a sad goodbye to our resort stay today, and back to the grindstone of the luxury villa at Pemaron. It’s a tough life.

As I said, it was a nudist resort and we enjoyed it immensely. Unfortunately all the other guests left on the day before we did, so it was a bit quiet at the end.

I had another massage this morning and the guy was brutal! The power in his thumbs and fingers! I was yelling and groaning and putting my hand up to ask him to stop quite a few times, but he kept on applying the pressure. He says I have a problem in my left leg and right shoulder. Yeah, I know that. This is the guy who can climb a coconut palm just using hands and feet. Tough as nails.

Despite the pain, it was good, especially when it stopped. A 1 hour massage cost Rp150,000++ or ~A$17.50. OK value.

We were sorry to leave today. It was so peaceful. Recommended. Just leave your clothes at the gate, but you can leave your hat on. 🙂



Pemaron west 26 Aug 2016  (C) PJ Croft 2016

There might be a change of plans coming up. I’m due to go back home next Thursday 1 September, back to the cold and winds.

But an Aussie couple are needing someone to house-sit their villa and cat up in the mountains near here for a few weeks and I might be the one. It’ll mean going back to Perth next Thursday because the ticket is non-refundable and I need to get new supplies of my medications anyway.

But I might be coming back to look after that villa the week after that, maybe the 5th or 6th. Just for a few weeks, but no rent or hotel costs, of course. It’s tentative at the moment, but could be done. It’ll be a bit isolated, but I should be able to get a driver for the car at the villa and get out and about.



Pemaron looking west, 26.8.16  (C) PJ Croft 2016

Meanwhile, I’ve got another task – write two essays in English for the daughter of a friend of V’s. She’s just started uni in Singaraja and is snowed under with assignments. These two essays need to be written in English. One is about bullying, and the other about “Your Life”, meaning about the student’s aspirations for her life. Deadline, Sunday afternoon late. Length – four A4 pages each.

Bloody hell! This is a big ask. I have to go and visit this potential villa-sit tomorrow (Saturday) and that’ll take a while. I also have a batik shirt fitting at 9am tomorrow.

There might have to be a bit of copying and pasting, I think, from Dr Wikipedia and other sources. A bit of plagiarism. Uh oh.

Life for uni freshers here seems to be brutal. The amount of work they have to produce in a short time frame, and classes start at 6am. I suspect it’s to weed out the strong from the weak. Yowch.


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