New ditty

There was a young man from Perth
Naked at time of his birth
Determined to see
The same new ditty
In the time he has left on this Earth

Ha ha ha, I’m laughing out of sheer pleasure. We’re in a location where wearing a watch is being over-dressed. Get the picture? Unfortunately I can’t take too many pictures, but I’m not carrying a camera anyway. That would cover too much and I don’t have a pocket. 😉


From  the breakfast table.  The ocean is just to the left, behind a low wall.  Aaaah.

V wanted a fresh coconut, so the Balinese staffer actually did the climb up the trunk just using his feet and hands. I’ve seen pictures of it, but now I’ve seen it live.

In fact he didn’t get a coconut, just hacked off some low fronds, but he’ll get one later. V has a locally made hand hole driller for coconuts. It’s stainless steel, has a T-handle and a tapered, very sharp, round, pointed blade. Just push it in and rotate. Works a treat – $13.50 for one.



We like it here so much that although we’re only booked until tomorrow, we’ve decided to stay another couple of nights. BIG room, and BIG pool with very cool water and a very deep end just outside our door. Nudity is compulsory around the pool. Suits me! Unfortunately there are very few guests at the moment, just us, another couple and a single guy.

I was here for a few days in January 2011 and the development since then is remarkable. Many more rooms and of a higher standard. Excellent, recommended.


The other couple are good value. From NZ, one of them is a PhD in law from Cambridge and a Wagner fan. They’re heading to Melbourne after here to see his fifth performance of the Ring. That’s dedication. He hasn’t seen it in Bayreuth, but that’s a pleasure still on his bucket list. They’ve been coming here to this resort since 2009.

The PhD guy is long retired, used to lecture in law in Auckland, and still works from home using the internet. Very interesting to talk to.


I’m using a Samsung Tab Pro S laptop/tablet PC these days, and ever since a big Samsung software update last Saturday morning, including a BIOS update, it doesn’t work properly any more. The power button used to put it to sleep, but now it will only shut down and power off. That means a restart every time. Grrrr. I hope they fix this soon.

Now for a swim. Phwoooaaar, the water is cold. It gets cool here at night, no aircon needed and even the fan at lowest speed was too much. The pool is shaded most of the day so stays cold. It’s good. I did 10 laps of a 20m pool, 20 x 20 = 400m, non-stop. Slowly, but I was puffing. I sure wish I had a pool at home, for exercise.