Birthday day


Canal Rocks, WA  (C) Veronika 2016

It’s Veronika’s birthday today. I won’t be so bold as to divulge the number, but it’s a comfortable age. Happy birthday, my dear.


Another sparkling day in paradise. It rained a fair bit yesterday, both early and later in the evening. Let’s hope it holds off tonight. We don’t want the LED candles to go out.


Breakthrough. There’s a pet monkey named Charlie in a cage here, and we don’t like to see him cooped up. I try to amuse him and this morning he reached out and touched my fingers briefly through the bars. First time. He’s slowly developing trust in me.

We’d like to let him out, but there’s a young dog here which attacks him.


Hooray. My 250GB portable HDD that was making the clicking noises came good long enough for me to copy all the material off yesterday, so that’s a relief. It’s only material copied from my home PC, so if I’d lost the drive, I still had the files, but at home, not here.