Off Cape Leeuwin, April 2016  (C) Veronika

Phew, only five days in Bali and I feel as if I’ve entered a different world. It’s nothing major, just learning to do things as a couple and finding a few pebbles in my shoe, so to speak. It’s very good, and I wouldn’t go back to my old solitary ways, but it’s a learning curve at this late stage of my life. We’re both strong willed people and a bit set in our ways and we have to learn to compromise and meet in the middle, if possible. I admit I dig my heels in at a couple of things, for good reasons, I feel. It’s a matter of saying so without giving offence. It’s all new territory to me, I admit.


Now I’m back on the north coast and trying to help my partner make preparations for her big party on Saturday. She wants a bang up show and I worry that she’s taking too much on, so all I can do is be here and try to help, or stay out of the way as much as I can.


The weather is beautiful. Not hot, about 28C I’d guess, and the humidity is low. Clothes dry easily. It’s quite cool in the mornings, and in a late night swim about 10pm last night, I had to get out after only about 15 minutes, I was so cold. Aaaaah.



Sanur beach Sunday 7 August. Those black things are kites. This is ISO3200!  (C) PJ Croft 2016

It’s the Bali Kite Festival and we hit the beach on Sunday to see what was on offer. We were a bit late in the day and the kite colours were not too visible, but we saw what looked like monsters from outer space above us. We hope to buy a kite up here and fly our own.

I have video of this, but it takes so long to convert and upload! It’s hardly worth it.


I see the predictable foul-ups occurred on census night. I wasn’t in the country so I guess I don’t exist. I have no idea what was in the census, but I wish I’d been there as I quite like filling out these surveys, aka talking about myself. 🙂


We drove from Sanur to Pemaron (near Lovina) up over the mountains. This is quite a drive, especially the last section, a direct route down, rather than using the main road. Phew, some of the hairpin bends are scary, only one car wide. But it was a good ride.

I was especially impressed by the ride of the vehicle, a Toyota Avanza. With nice leather seats, the ride felt supple and comfortable, not harsh, just about right. Impressed.