This ain’t bad!


Our verandah and semi private pool. It’s cool and deep and long.

Sitting at the breakfast table in the open air restaurant with the sound of the surf coming over the wall to my left. I’m stark bollocks, and the gentle sea breeze reaches all of me. It’s beautiful.

We like this place so much that we extended our three day stay to five days, and it will be hard to leave tomorrow, back to the textile world of prohibitions and conformity. As my friend says, it’s so peaceful here, away from the stresses and traffic.

We’re very happy with this restaurant. The food is very good, if a bit expensive for Bali. Most dishes are $7 to $12. That’s pretty good, I suppose. But we’re pleasantly surprised by the food each night. Lucky, because we can’t go anywhere else. The wine is a sore point – A$37 for a locally blended bottle of chardonnay made from SA Barossa grapes. Although simple, it’s very nice.

I’m booked for a massage at 11am. Unfortunately it’s by a guy. I regret there are no women on the staff.

Midday: Phwoooaaar, that was good! The guy was cruel but I got to almost enjoy the pain after a while. He started out with mild pressure but seemed to be saying “Easy no good – hard is good.” Yeah, I think he’s right, but I was groaning and yelling at him to stop sometimes.

So now I’m sitting, totally nude, having Italian espresso coffee in the open air dining area, covered in oil, feeling great. I don’t wanna wear clothes again, thanks. V is out snorkelling about 200m offshore. I’m certain she’s enjoying it. That makes two of us.


Another pretty sleepless night. I dropped off almost instantly but awoke at about 2am and that was the end of sleep last night. Luckily I don’t have to go to work. Lucky also because I don’t have any clothes. 🙂



One more week, then back to winter. I leave here next Thursday. We’re going to Kuta or Legian for four days first. I have medical appointments in September before I can consider coming back. This is my fourth visit this year and there’ll definitely be another as I have a ticket back from DPS to PER on 11 January. I’ll be here over Xmas in other words.


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