My best shots Vol. 1

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This is a book I’ve made and had printed containing a range of my favourite shots from over 40 years of my photography. As it says, this is volume 1, and there are two more volumes. I’ll put selected shots up in the next day or so. Naturally, there are captions to the photos in the books.

The books cost $39.95 + $10 postage and packing.


Liberal Party corruption

I recommend this:

I have sent an email to my local MHR the Honourable Christian Porter MP, asking him to resign from this corrupt party. Let’s see how honourable he is.


Then, of course, there’s the matter of Parakeelia. This is a private software company set up by the Liberal Party that has written software called Feedback that allows MPs to maintain information about constituents and so on. Each MP pays Parakeelia about $1,450 per year to use and maintain this software.

But this $1,450 comes out of the MP’s electoral allowance. That is, it comes from taxpayer funds, yours and my taxes.

Strangely, Parakeelia ends up with a big surplus of money from all these payments. Where does the surplus go? Into Liberal Party bank accounts!

So to be clear, taxpayer funds are paid to a Liberal Party owned company, Parakeelia, which then diverts excess funds to the Liberal Party. All up it has given more than $1.3 million to the Liberal Party. That’s your money, in the form of electoral allowances.

Nice going, huh?

See Parakeelia: The Inner Workings of the Liberals’ funding rort, by Mike Seccombe for a much fuller account of this scam.

Malcolm Turnbull was happy to spend millions of dollars to fund a royal commission looking for corruption in unions. It found minor offences, and it certainly didn’t achieve its aim of smearing Bill Shorten.  But it’s clear that the Liberal Party is corrupt to its core!

The NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) has exposed more than a dozen state (NSW) Liberal Party MPs who accepted political donations from people and companies who stood to benefit from decisions made by these men. All have been forced to resign from the parliament.

How about calling it what it is: corruption and hypocrisy. How can you vote for these people?!


I wrote the above before I had fully read the article in the Saturday Paper. Read it! It’s even worse than I thought:

“Perhaps the most outrageous aspect of the affair, though, is the evidence that the Liberal Party was double dipping on the taxpayer – not only funnelling money through Parakeelia to itself, but also using public servants to train members in how to use the system.

“According to reports in the Fairfax papers, backed by leaked emails, parliamentary staff employed by something called the Coalition Advisory Service, recently rebadged as the Members and Senators Support Unit, were simultaneously working for Parakeelia. Thus the Liberal-owned company’s staff costs were apparently shifted onto the taxpayer.

” “It clearly is fraudulent because those people are supposed to be ministerial advisers and instead they are seconded to another office where basically they do political stuff,” [disendorsed Liberal MP Dr Dennis] Jensen says.

The Liberal government spends $17 million (or was it $70 million) of taxpayer funds on a royal commission into unions (with nearly all the money flowing to judges and lawyers), purely to try to dig dirt on the ALP, without success, but they ignore the utter, filthy, blatant corruption in their own ranks. Hypocrites!