You must be joking

Busselton lightning 1991 © PJ Croft

I’ve spent a fair amount of time this morning quantifying the cost of a powerful PC for video editing, which is what I’m doing.

I’ve just built a Core i7 quad core PC which shows up as having eight processors (it actually says 8 threads). It has 6GB of fast RAM, 1.5TB of hard drive apart from the 80GB boot drive, a ‘good enough’ graphics card, lots of SATA, USB and Firewire on board, 6 channel audio, a dual layer DVD burner, networking and all the other goodies.

I already had case, monitor, keyboard and mouse and wireless network card, but all up, it cost me $1235. I’m using the free copy of Windows 7, but this is cheap!

I mention this because a friend is drooling over wanting a new Mac Pro with Final Cut Pro for serious video editing. I’ve just done the costing for comparison.

The Mac Pro with 2.66GHz Xeon quad core processors (giving the same 8 threads) and 3GB of RAM, 1TB of hard drive (only one drive) and pretty much the same for everything else too costs $5217!!

That’s for half the RAM of the PC ( another 3GB costs another $300, which is double what my 6GB cost!). Another 1TB of hard drive adds $239. There’s no wireless networking for this price, it’s extra, and just about everything else is extra. Want RAID? That’ll be another $1400!! In my PC, it’s included free.

You don’t even get a monitor for your $5 Grand!

I’m saying I can build and equip an at least equivalent PC running Windows 7 with 2TB of RAID hard drive space and all extras, with a 24″ LCD monitor for about $2,000.

Add Final Cut Pro Studio at $1549 versus Edius Pro at $900 plus some FX extras and the PC is a bargain by comparison. It’s no contest. I don’t believe the Mac is $4000 better.

Think about it, son. PC

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