Mea Gulpa

ET modified © PJ Croft

Another update on BlueGen.

Sorry, I seem to have misread the specifications. They mention a figure of 17KWh and I assumed that was its capacity, but I’m afraid it’s only 2KW. That’s still good, but it means it would struggle at tea time in winter.

To work out the capacity you need, just add up the power demands of your appliances. For example, at this moment I’m using the computer at 350W (max), monitor at about 80W (guess), amplifier at about 10W (estimate), two fridges at about 250W each (guess) and two CF lights at 5W each. That makes 950W, which is easily within its capacity.

But at dinner time on a cold night, a typical family would add another 6x 9W CF lights, two stove hotplates at 500W each, possibly the oven at say 1000W, one TV at about 400W (maybe two TVs if kids), a heater of some kind at 2KW and possibly the kettle at 2KW for short periods.

That makes 5400W (5.4KW) with bursts up to 7.5KW. Bang. No way could the BlueGen supply that. Of course, you must have a gas supply so the stove could be gas and so could the heating. That takes 4KW out of the total and brings it back to within the BlueGen’s range, but if you have to buy new gas appliances, it bumps the initial capital cost up considerably.

Air con in summer is another matter. There are no gas air conditioners, so if you have even a 2.5KW aircon, you’ll need mains to run it.

This is not as rosy as I thought. I might email CFCL and see what they say about it. All this applies equally to solar power, by the way, except that BlueGen supplies you with hot water as a byproduct for ‘free’, whereas solar needs a separate water heater of some kind at extra cost.

Cheers, PC

PS the photo above was a table ornament that I’ve put through an ‘art’ filter.

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