Bunker bulldust day 230

© PJ Croft 2020

Not writing much am I? Sorry, having a lot of trouble with insomnia and fatigue, side effects of medication. Changing it tomorrow, I hope. I’m feeling slow and sleepy in the mornings and doing a fair bit of napping in the afternoons at the moment, trying to catch up on sleep.

Funny how I can drop off easily in the afternoon, but I can’t drop off until 4 or 5am at night.


That bastard Trump! What an evil scumbag. Cares nothing for anyone but himself. How far down into the slime the once respectable Republican Party has descended. The GOP, the “Grand Old Party”… Old is right, but the rest is historic crap. Trump could not be where he is without the Republicans supporting him, and the only reason they do is that he gets them into positions of power where they can scrape the money barrels and mix with the rich and powerful. It’s disgusting.

What a weird country is the USA. Many of their population are absolutely brilliant and admirable, but half the remainder are gruesome slobs, out of their minds, racists, warmongers, corrupted idiots. To believe the Quanon Conspiracy theory takes a warped mind. To believe the torrent of lies spewing from Trump’s mouth shows how gullible they are. He’s up to more than 22,000 lies since he’s been in office and they’re pouring out faster than the fact checkers can cope with at the moment. It’s insane, and I really mean ‘insane’. He should be impeached again and again, but if the Democrats don’t get control of the Senate, then they can’t get it through. Damn!

I’ve been saying for years that the USA has gone insane and it’s totally obvious now. I have no hope for the world any more.


© PJ Croft 2020

So the border is open, well nearly, on the 14th. It looks as if I could do what I want to do, fly east and buy a car and drive it back. Not quite yet. Victoria is still a little dangerous (for me, as a highly vulnerable person, that is), so I’ll continue to watch and wait. But the fires last summer have obliterated large areas of the SE corner that I wanted to see. That will take a few years to revegetate. Pity.

On the same lines, my wish to visit England to see Croft Castle is off the table now, too. England has been rendered far too dangerous for someone like me to visit. Until there’s a good vaccine and COVID has been eliminated, that is. I may not get there now.


Which makes me think of The Crown, that great show on Netflix. I’ve watched the first and second series twice and the third series once, and the fourth series starts on 15 November. I’ll be watching, for sure.

Speaking of Netflix, I’ve watched all seven episodes of The Queen’s Gambit. You may have seen reviews of it, it’s been getting a lot of publicity. It’s warranted because it’s very good.

It’s a TV dramatisation of a novel, about a young girl who is orphaned at about six years old and sent to an orphanage where she learns to play chess from the janitor. She turns out to have prodigious talent and soon begins to beat the boys at high school where she is sent after being adopted by a couple. I won’t describe it all here but she becomes US chess champion and goes on to Moscow where she plays Russia’s champion. Does she become the world champ? I won’t spoil it. It’s a bit rah rah, U-S-A, U-S-A! However, the actress who plays Beth Harmon is so charming that I almost fell in love with her. I enjoyed the series very much. Recommended.


Ely Cathedral, England. © PJ Croft 2020

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