And yet again!

YP1000042Is it me? Do I have some kind of magnetic attraction for pricing errors? Obviously, that’s not possible. Obviously I’m very vigilant. I’m left with the conclusion that mis-pricing, mis-scanning, ripoffs are rife.

Yesterday I bought a six pack of beer stubbies. I kept my receipt. When I got home and put them in the fridge, I found there were only five in the pack. One was missing. But I’d been charged the full $25 as if there were six.

My mistake for not checking that the pack was intact, but now I remember the checkout guy saying the word five, but I didn’t hear him properly and was too busy finding my card. If he saw there were only five and said so, why did he charge me the full amount?

So now I have to go back and complain yet again. I’m tired of this. Always take your receipt! We are being ripped off.