On and on and on and on …

Osprey tilt rotor plane

Osprey tilt rotor aircraft. Takes off and lands vertically, then the engines rotate and it flies normally. Brilliant. Picture: US Marine Corp.

Hi folks, me again, that guy who’s always complaining about supermarkets. Well, it’s happened again, just 90 mins ago.

I’ve just been out shopping for a few groceries and picked up two packets of rice crackers that were prominently labelled with a big yellow tag as $1.69. The rest were $2.39, so I grabbed two packets.

When they were scanned they came out as $1.99. I said, “No, they are on special at $1.69.” So she calls another lady and I have to wait while she checks. She came back and said “Two dollars sixty nine.” $2.69! I said “No, No, they are labelled $1.69”, but before the argument developed I said “No, take ’em out, I don’t want them.” And went out feeling annoyed.

So yet another attempted rip off. IGA, Quinns.

I was so annoyed that after I’d done something else, I went back and checked the shelf. The yellow “Special” tag was gone. Back to $2.39 in line with the rest. Obviously, the label was in error, but they wouldn’t give me the benefit.

Bloody thieves! I am tired of this. If you’re in WA or Australia reading this, check your supermarket printouts!! If you don’t, you are being ripped off. The honourable exception is Coles. Only once have I found an error with theirs. They are so accurate that I don’t bother to check in the store, only a brief check when I’m home and I almost never find a problem. If Coles can do it, why can’t the others.

Woolworths are by far the worst offenders, and IGA, although independently owned, very often overcharge. Watch out.


My neck is much better. The pain is not gone, but it’s reduced to about 5/10 without the oxycontin. I can tolerate that, although it’s not pleasant. Unfortunately it’s at its worst when I’m sitting at the computer. Surprise, surprise. This is a real problem because the computer is vitally important to me. I do everything on the computer. I have to sit here.


The picture above of the US military Osprey aircraft is from a web site https://medium.com/war-is-boring/the-u-s-military-knew-the-nepal-quake-was-coming-87c2535aa352  Very interesting. The US military rehearsed an exercise just a few months ago about an earthquake occurring in Nepal. They foresaw it. It was predictable, and they trained for it. So when it actually happened, they were right there.

But the Nepal government is banning the Ospreys from landing, saying they make too much downdraft when they land and take off.

The Nepalese officialdom have also banned the big C17s from the RAAF from landing, and they are refusing to let relief supplies be released from the customs halls unless “fees”, ie bribes, are paid.

What a nasty, corrupt lot of thieves. The world is trying to send in as much aid as we can provide, and the Nepalese are putting obstacles in the way. Why do we bother?

Well, we bother because it’s the poor people who are suffering, not the customs officials and government bureaucrats. If I had my way I’d send troops in to force the Nepalese idiots to get out of the way and let the aid flow.


I’ve just posted my pair of lens adapters back to the makers in Hong Kong. They won’t fit on my Olympus OM-D E-M1. They have been very cooperative and asked me to return them, but the postage cost me $25. Bloody hell, I’m a bit tired of these costs for faulty goods. $52 to Taiwan a few weeks ago.