Missed it again



Damn. I’d made up my mind and was certain I was going to buy that car.

But again, I waited too long and when I phoned the dealer yesterday, it had been sold the day before. OK, it was a fair way above my price limit, I wasn’t keen on the grey colour, or even the actual model either, so maybe it’s for the better. Back to searching. The web is fantastic for this. In the old days all we had was the newspaper and that was strictly Perth ads. Now, we can look Australia wide. And you can find out all about the mechanical reliability of cars and owner reports too. Ideal.


Interesting – I’ve had an email asking me to approve a comment on my blog. It’s from a guy who says he’s from one of the Fairfax newspapers asking if they can use one of my photos, this one:

Perth skyline 88

Perth Skyline 1988 © PJ Croft 1988, 2015

I wonder how they found it? I assume the sudden interest is due to Alan Bond’s death. That pointy building was the “Bond Tower” in 1988, also known as Bondy’s erection. I assume they just did a Google search on “Bond Tower” or similar.

Yes, just Google “Bond tower Perth” and there are two of my images. Nice.

There was no way to reply to the guy except by replying to his comment on my blog. I couldn’t email him directly. So I guardedly gave my email address on the blog (in case of spammers) and asked him to reply, but as of now, four hours later, there’s been no response.

I’m also wary because the internet is full of stories about photographers who are asked to allow use of their photos in some advertising campaign, but when they read the terms, they are being asked to assign all rights, forever, for any use, with no recourse, for no payment. The argument is that “we are giving you exposure worth xxx dollars”. This even extends to wedding photographers being asked to shoot weddings for no pay. Someone has done a great spoof on this, where a mafia hit man is asked to do a job for no fee on the basis that it will enhance his reputation and make him more famous.


This is Petapixel. I visit it every day. I like it.


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