The worst government

It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven

© PJ Croft 2015

From The Guardian recently, the ten worst decisions against the environment that this Liberal National Party government has made in its two years in office:

1. Repealing the carbon price

2. Winding back, freezing or abolishing the renewable energy target

3. Abolishing the Climate Commission

4. Attempting to abolish the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and the Renewable Energy Agency

4. Keeping fossil fuel subsidies

5. Damaging the Great Barrier Reef

6. Tearing up the Tasmanian forest deal and attempting to de-list the Tasmanian World Heritage forests

7. Reviewing the marine national reserves

8. Attempting to hand over environmental powers to the states

9. Defunding the environmental defender’s office

10 Creating an unsafe and underpaid “green army”

The full article explains each of these – I won’t go into detail here*. But if you think this current government is doing a good job, you clearly do not care about your kids’ future. I repeat, you do not care about your kids’ future!

This government is utterly careless about the environment, regardless of what they say to persuade us otherwise. The PM has never denied that he thinks “climate change is crap”. He appoints a known climate change denier, who has since made statements bordering on lunacy, to head a committee to produce a report. Guess what? The report gives the green light to all the above and dismisses climate change.

This government MUST be defeated. Not just for political reasons, but because it is causing great damage to this country. Serious physical damage. We are now regarded as not just one of the world’s worst polluters, but as hypocrites and heel draggers. We are being openly criticised by the US president and the UN. How embarrassing. Don’t you care?

If you support this Liberal National government, you don’t care about your kids’ future. Simple as that.



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