Georgie Bruss 74

Our AutoTour group in Brussels 1974 © PJ Croft

I said yesterday that I was quite pleased with the repair work to my reticulation system. I was quoted a rate of $85 per hour, charged in increments of  ¼ hr. I thought 2½ hrs was being charged, or roughly $200 plus parts.

Well, I’ve received the invoice today. There’s a “call out fee” of $100 been added, and he charged for 2¾ hrs (OK). Plus parts.

The final bill was $497.60! Bloody hell. I’ve paid it, but wow, that’s expensive. $100 call out fee??? He probably told me in advance but I hadn’t realised it. Nearly $500 for less than 3hrs work. Ouch. Gettin’ tired of this.


I received a text message on my phone on Monday:

“I am a widow dying from cancer and i want you to inherit my 2,700,000.00 Eur since i have no relatives. Email xxxxxx@gmail.com”

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I suppose someone might fall for that but not me.

However, this is the first time I’ve received a phone text like this, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I sent my mobile number to a friend in an email on that day. That means someone in Nigeria or Russia or somewhere has read my email. Uh oh. Worrying. Lesson: don’t put info in emails that I don’t want known to thieves and scammers.


Another odd thing: I set out on my walk about 5pm yesterday and saw there was a plastic wrapped letter of some kind in my mail box on top of the local paper. It was obviously advertising junk so I left it there to clear when I got back.

I returned about 45 mins later, went to get the mail and this letter was gone. What the … ?! Wind? It was nowhere to be seen. It wasn’t lightweight, so I didn’t think the wind would have plucked it out and left the paper.

So, mystery. Was it a junk mail drop and they realised I have a No Junk Mail label on the box and came back to get it? Unlikely. I dunno.


I forgot to mention on Monday: I was talking to a friend at the Rugby Klub and he’s split with his wife. That wasn’t news; I knew that was happening a year ago.

But what I didn’t know is that his wife, a practising accountant, has given ALL their joint superannuation money to a Nigerian scammer! Nearly half a $mill. Yes, that’s right, this supposedly smart woman fell for the scammer and sent him all their super money. Incredible, but true.

As you can imagine, coming on top of their divorce, he’s a little bit upset. The house had to be sold and he’s got half that, but he’s now renting and desperately trying to work harder to save for his retirement, about 10 years away.

Definition of marriage: find a woman you hate and give her a house. How very, very true.


I’ve finally managed to get my contacts phone list transferred from my old Nokia phone to my new Sony phone. There are 125 numbers, so I was pretty determined to save them.

It’s taken hours and hours. Sony’s transfer software just doesn’t work. No way would it connect to the Nokia phone. I found another program on-line that looked hopeful, but the trial version only transfers five numbers. I only need to do this once, so when I saw the price for the full version was US$60, I bailed out quick smart.

Then I found a German program that only cost Eur4.99 or A$8.10, so that was OK. I bought it and after another hour or so fiddling with micro SD cards, I was finally successful. Thank goodness.



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