Home again, boogger it


Persimmons, Japan    (C) PJ Croft 2016

Well, it’s not that bad, but I sure miss the things that have happened in the past month. It seems awfully quiet here, but I hope I’ll be seeing my love again soon.

Saw the doc this morning and it was a surprisingly unproductive visit. We spent so much time talking about all that’s happened to me that we skipped over the medical matters a bit. It doesn’t matter – I get my insulin from there FOC due to this trial I’m on, so I need to go back to see her in a couple of weeks. Alon alon, slowly, slowly.

My car started first try after sitting idle for a month. Good car!


I had an annoying thing at Denpasar airport yesterday. First, a good thing – as I approached the Air Asia check-in counters with the long queues, my heart sank. But the guy pushing my trolley took me to the Red Carpet check-in counter. Oh, I’m not in this scheme, I said. But he pointed to my walking stick and just walked me in. No problem! No queueing, straight in. And they accepted my two pieces of luggage, even though you’re only supposed to have one. My big case weighed 15.5Kg and my smaller bag was 5Kg, by the way. Worked out well.

OK, so I got through and went to the immigrasi counter. The guy looked long at my passport and asked how long I’d been here. Well, 30 days, I said, 1 March to 31 March. No, that’s 31 days. Uh oh. I was taken to a small, dirty, untidy office and offered a seat. Sorry sir, you’ve been here one day longer than your visa. That’ll be Rp300,000 (A$30) please. Damn. At least I got a proper receipt. I made a joke that I’ll frame it and hang it on the wall at home. He laughed.

It’s silly because it’s counterproductive. Why fine me for a simple mistake? It means I’ll be careful to stay for a shorter time next time, and Bali will get less money out of me. Oh well.

I was able to just walk out of the office and I was away (after returning to collect my laptop bag which I’d forgotten). Then, at the departure lounge, another small nice thing. I must admit I was a bit buggered from the long walk carrying my heavy laptop bag, other camera bag and my stick. When the call came to board, the queue stretched away to the smoky distance and I was finding it hard going. But a stewardess saw me and my stick and waved me straight in, and to the escalator. I thanked her genuinely. Air Asia – I’ve had good service from them more than once.


Back in Perth I was soon swearing in the baggage hall. I was a bit late getting there and I could not find a trolley. My stuff, now including 2.25l of duty free grog, was heavy and I was nearly dropping it (I mean it). Where are the trolleys??!!

I finally spotted them 20m away neatly stacked against the far wall. Bloody hell, why weren’t they out where they were needed? Perth Airport strikes again.

I finally got out at about 5pm, with no search, and was soon picked up by my great good friend Barry. Tonkin Highway was a traffic jam so we went via the Mitchell Fwy.

Home, and I was knackered. Bed at 9.45pm and instantly asleep. Güte nacht.


Japan.   (C) PJ Croft 2016

I forgot that my neighbour on one side is of German descent, and when I got my mail from her just now, and told her of my Bali prize catch, she reminded me that she speaks German. That’ll be nice for V.

My mail included my new watch: INVICTA-13054 Wow, it’s thick and heavy. Occasional wear, I think.