She’s coming, she’s coming … :-)


Japan  (false colour, but I like it!)     (C) PJ Croft 2016

I have dates now for my new love. A week’s time, for 13 days. Great. Now I have to really buckle down and do things. Like buy a couch. I’ve only ever had two armchairs. It shows my mindset in the past. I was gunna get around to it … one day. That day is here. IKEA, of course.

My other great good friend Keith is coming later this week to give me a hand, cleaning windows and pressure cleaning the timber decking which is very dusty.


Yesterday I was heading south on Marmion Avenue when I was passed by a yellow Lamborghini, then immediately after by a Honda S2000 with the top down. Phwooooaaaar. Not so much for the Lambo, but the Honda … that’s a real classic. Long out of production, manual only, but a beautiful car. Holding their prices, unfortunately, so still $40K and above. I’d love one.

But the car position has completely changed now that I look like spending a lot more time in Bali. There’s no point in buying an expensive car any more, for it to just sit here gathering dust while I’m away. I’d be better off putting the money towards renting a nice SUV up there.

Maybe I should go for the Ford Probe I’ve always wanted. You can buy one for less than $4,000 now. All high mileage, around 200,000Km, I’m afraid, so might need repairs, but repairs should be relatively easy and cheap compared to a Merc.

Just dreamin’.



Japan, Awara Spa, 1992.    (C) PJ Croft 2016