Still here


(C) PJ Croft 2016

Ooops, sorry for the break. No problems, just being kept busy. Stayed seven nights at the Sun Hotel in Legian, a hotel with two wings, one each side of the long pool. A bit too much noise from the splashing, balls being bounced and yelling kids, but OK. Also a lot of noise from the two-piece band in the restaurant, but they stopped at 10.30pm so it was OK. The staff were very good, very friendly and attentive. I give the hotel 5/10 for a small room, smaller bathroom, noise and poor check-in when I arrived, but at A$43 per night, I won’t push it.


I can’t remember if I mentioned it, but I did find insulin in Legian, at Kimia Farma. They seem to be the source for anything complicated in Bali. I had to wait 15 mins while they got it in, but no problems, it’s the same Lantus I use. The only problem was the cost – for five pens, A$125. Ouch. That’ll teach me.


I also nearly forgot to mention, I’ve had an email from one of the staff at the Director of Security Services of Transperth, in response to my letter of complaint about a parking fine at Butler train station.

I’d said I tried to pay but the machine gave a silly indication, the fine was excessive at $50 for a $2 missed fee, and I’m a Seniors Card holder and pensioner. And I’d paid the fine anyway. I asked for the fine to be waived and my money refunded.

The reply was in bureaucratese and there was no apology, but they’ve done as I asked and refunded my money. It cost me a $1 stamp, but it worked. Bagus.


My friend has had a big lot of furniture custom made and we went to inspect it at north Sanur. Crumbs, the price for what she got is a bargain. It’s locally made and has a few defects, but it’s all solid teak.

It had to be trucked up over the mountain to Lovina on Wednesday morning and was supposed to arrive at midday. But at 07.50am we were woken when my friend got a phone call: the trucks are outside the gates! They were worried about rain so had set off early. Gee, they must have left Sanur at 3am, two small trucks and six guys. (Pics coming.) It meant a mad scramble to clear rooms and make space for the new bed, wardrobes, tables, chairs and so on. It’s all in now and looks great, although smelling of new varnish.

It was somewhat funny, though: the main wardrobe was too big to fit through the villa doors. It had to be upended and a layer of legs sawn off the base. Likewise, the four-poster bed was too high and we had to ask for 15cm to be sawn off the turned legs. It looks great now, though. Unless I told you, you wouldn’t know.

Unfortunately I’ve got a fairly bad cold and I spend half the night coughing, so I’m temporarily in another bedroom. My suggestion. Getting better.


My friend uses a laptop bag and had a padlock on the main zip closure, but she couldn’t find the key! It’s still missing, despite being at home and upending her voluminous shoulder bag.

So this morning she asked me to do the trick you see on YouTube of using a Biro to break through the zip. I’ve never done this before, but after about five seconds of probing, POP! and I was through. It was just so simple and easy. So, never think that your bag is secure if it has a zip. It ain’t.


We just ate the lovely cooked food delivered daily by a local kitchen/restaurant. It comes in a three level stainless steel steamer vessel and is unbelievably cheap – a  week’s worth of lunches for about ten dollars. Enough for two. Wish I had that at home. It’s good food value too – lots of veges and fibre.

I think I might start using the Lite’n’Easy food delivery service when I get home. It’s been reviewed by CHOICE and seems recommended. Start and stop any time, no contract. I shall report.


Clouds are building over the mountains out the window and it’s getting darker at 3pm. There should be rain. There’s a small stream constantly rushing just over the wall of the villa, producing a soothing sound. Cows are mooing, dogs are barking, pigs are rooting and there’s a blessed absence of traffic noise. Wunderbar!

Ah, the rain has just started, heavy drenching rain. The pool is almost full to the rim.