Oh my aching …


Christmas night at Surya’s party. Portrait by the artist.

… my aching feet and hips! And back. I’ve been on my feet, standing and walking around, for six hours. I’m back at my hotel at 7.30pm and I can hardly summon the energy to get some dinner. I may not bother, actually.

I arrived to find that my door card key doesn’t work. Luckily a hotel guy was nearby and let me in. When I got in, I found a very nice bowl of fruit and a card welcoming me to the hotel. Thanks, but make up your mind, folks.


I bought a Kura Kura bus three day pass for Rp150,000 today and I’ve only had the chance to use it once. I went from Galeria to Lippo Mall OK, but, after waiting half an hour for the next bus, when I said I wanted to go to Galeria again, the guy said no, no, it will be a three hour trip and waved me away. Huh?

So I walked about 500m in the 3pm heat to Discovery Mall, to find that the only camera shop of any worth that I know of outside Denpasar itself has converted to watches and simple stuff.

I had a BaskinBRobbins (trade mark?) ice cream and only thought after I’d ordered it, kerrumbs, Rp60,000 = A$6, for a single cone of ice cream? That would be expensive even at home.

So I took a taxi back to Galeria, giving the guy Rp50,000 when the fare was Rp27,000, and he was very, very grateful. However, it was only to find that the last Sanur bus had gone by 6.30pm, no more tonight. Grrrrrr! That meant another taxi, and the fare was Rp87,000. I gave him Rp100,000 and again got a big thanks. This is the second time I’ve bought a KK bus 3 day pass and found it’s not necessarily good value. Last time I didn’t actually use up the value that I’d paid. Ho hum. I must try harder. However, it doesn’t take many Rp100,000 taxi rides to use the value.


I bought a swag more DVDs today, making about 30 overall. Plus some PC software CDs. This is mostly old stuff, as nearly all software is sold by on-line download now, making piracy impossible.

Unfortunately, I seem to have doubled up on several DVDs, forgetting which ones I’ve picked in a previous selection. At $1 each, it hardly matters. I’ve also got a few discs I would never have chosen. Have I got some of yours, my dear?


As usual, I’m being seduced by a bag, a Fossil, but even by Australian standards, it’s expensive. I’ve walked away, thinking it over. Hmmm. Do I need it? No!

What I do need is a potong rambut, a hair cut. I’ll go to the Peni Weni salon next door tomorrow. It costs A$6 compared with $22 at home. I should come to Bali every time I need a haircut, I think. 🙂