There’s an earthquake happening, right now! It’s gentle, but has been going for three minutes from 2.16pm. Whoo hoo. It’s not enough to make me run, but ….

Update at 5pm: it just petered out. I can’t find anyone else who noticed it. It was a gentle ripple at about 2Hz, making the walls and window frames creak a bit. I asked people by the pool if they’d noticed the water, but they said there were people in the pool splashing around so it wouldn’t have shown. V didn’t feel it at Lovina.

Oh well, I know what I felt and it sure was real to me.


The last day


Sanur     (C) PJ Croft 2017

It’s my last full day here today; I leave tomorrow, early afternoon flight. Cattle Class on Air Asia, I’m afraid, but I’ve chosen one of the front row seats so there’s nothing in front of me except the partition. The only drawback is that it’s hard to use the tray table that lifts out of the arm rest. Hard for me, that is, with my “front cushion”.

I have two suitcases this time, having left one up here last trip. Now I’m retrieving it, along with my OSMO camera, the gimbal mount one. I must admit that’s been a complete failure for me. I can’t be bothered using it. I think I’ll sell it asap.

I just did a count: this trip works out to exactly 30 days – I didn’t count when I booked, just picked a day. It worked out well. I notice Air Asia are offering flights from Perth to Bali for $105 from the beginning of May until Feb 2018. It’s the evening flight, but that’s OK, good price! I’d rather go Garuda, but this is hard to beat.



Another sleepless night last night and I felt rotten when I finally got up at 7am. I’ve just had 90 mins of reasonable sleep, so it’s better now at 1.15pm. Time for a swim, maybe, my first at this hotel all week.

I sought to buy some nasal decongestant yesterday at a pharmacy. Yes, they had one, but the price – $30 ! I said no thanks, I’m not paying that. It only costs me $11.99 at home, different brand, of course. Didn’t they have any other one? No, sorry.

But then another assistant overheard us and showed me another one. Price? $7. Yeaaaah, it helps to dig your heels in sometimes (in the nicest, most polite way, of course). It’s made by Bayer in Indonesia, but it works fine. The label lists an active ingredient, but also says “Contains homeopathic medicine.” Har har har.

I use this every night because if you need CPAP, you need your nasal passages to be completely clear. The pharmacies at home warn against prolonged use, but I’ve been using it for 16 years with no ill effects. Sniff.



This was the Kecak Dance I saw in about 1983. I thought it was better than the one this trip.

Since I’ve been here I’ve been trying to find a multi-tool, i.e. the small foldable pliers/knife/screwdriver/bottle opener device. I had a really nice one but had it confiscated last year when I forgot it was in my carry-on bag. I bought another really good one at Masters in Butler a month or two later for $4 (!), but I cannot find the danged thing. It’s at home somewhere.

Yesterday I finally found one here at Mitra 10 on the Bypass road. Price – $2.50. It’s fairly poor quality, but has the vital bottle opener. That’s really all I need, but it has scissors and a small sharp blade.

Quite a good selection of hardware there, including files, ie the raspy type, which V needs. But the quality and size weren’t right, so I’ll buy a small set at home and post them up, rather than waste $14 on one that isn’t suitable.



Oh yeah, nearly forgot. You may remember that in the 17 October post I wrote of buying a.  pair of Bosch Aero-Twin windscreen wiper blades in Butler, price $36.50 each, $73 for the pair! I thought that was way excessive, but had to pay it.

Well, in Mitra 10 here yesterday, the same blades were on sale, price Rp79,800 each. Slightly different name, AeroFit vs AeroTwin, but they look the same. That’s A$7.98 !! I am fuming. I took photos of the shelf with prices and I think I’ll write to Bosch in Oz asking them to justify this price difference. If they can’t, I’ll refer them to CHOICE and a Labor MHR who seems to be a champion of these types of things. It seems to me it’s price gouging for us Aussies. Watch this space.


I’ve done a count: 48 DVDs, after binning four as being too poor quality and unwatchable. Good value. Unfortunately, you get the occasional one that mutes the audio part way in as piracy protection. I had one last night like that. Too bad, can’t be bothered.

One benefit is that I have a couple of multi-disc sets of Netflix series (e.g. The Crown) that I normally can’t see, being on pay TV. Bagus.


I haven’t walked down to the beach to swim this time, but even if I had, there would have been a problem swimming: how would I protect my bag with my valuables in if I were swimming alone? It would be a worry at home, but doubly so here. Nope, hotel pool only.


Sanur.   (C) PJ Croft 2017