New decade, new dawn


It was my 70th birthday yesterday, hence the new decade. Many friends (I nearly wrote ‘fiends’) have said how hard it was to think, when we were young, of what it would be like getting old. Like thirty!

Well, the fact is, as we know now, it happens so slowly that you don’t notice too many changes. A few health problems crop up, some a lot worse than others, for sure, but I seem to have escaped relatively easily. I find steps and stairs a bit hard, and sometimes I carry a walking stick if I think it’s going to be uneven ground, but I actually feel a bit improved in this regard recently. Could it be that I’ve been taking CoEnzyme Q10 capsules daily for a couple of months? You can never be sure about these things, but that’s one change that I can think of. Or could it be that I bought a treadmill about 4 months ago and have been using it, moderately?


Dawn over the port for Saigon.  © PJ Croft 2017

The new dawn is that I’m hoping I was too pessimistic about my Bali friendship failing recently. There are signs of hope. Too soon to be sure, to be sure.


Dawn from Sanur  © PJ Croft 2017


I’ve just noticed on Wikipedia: on February  12 in 881 King Charles the Fat, the third son of the late Louis the German, is crowned as Holy Roman Emperor by Pope John VIII at Rome.

Aaah, ya gotta laugh.


What amazing weather. Roasting heat on the eastern side of Australia, and well below average temps, with record setting rainfall and flooding here on the west coast. This is climate change in action. I’d rather have our problem than Sydney and Brisbane’s. Their high humidity combined with the heat would be terrible. At least our hot weather is very dry heat and quite tolerable.


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