This is crazy. In my insomniac wakefulness this morning, I was looking at some You Tube video on my tablet. It was a video of a jet fighter cockpit when it had a failure.

This is the crazy bit: at one stage there was a countdown clock on the control panel of the plane. At the very time I was watching, 05:11am, the countdown clock in the plane showed 05:11.

Who is doing this to me??


I only got about three hours sleep last night, midnight to 02:45am. Gave up trying around 5am. Consequently, when I had my shoulder ultrasound and steroid injection at 9:20am, I was swaying.

It went fine, and the injection was much less painful this time compared with May last year. As the guy said, maybe the needle touched the bone last year. Yes, I think it did, I thought I felt it.

He seemed to use a different technique this time, with a short needle that hardly hurt at all, then attaching a tube and pumping in three different (?) vials of juice. Easy.

Strange clinic. The GP sent me there saying it’s a lot cheaper than Joondalup – that’s for sure – it cost me nothing, compared with $276 last year. But the premises look like a 1960s building in need of repair. There was a thin power cord draped over a door. The ultrasound room was so small that things had to be moved around for the various stages.

And cheapest of all: the sonographer was a middle aged guy! Not good enough, I like the nice ladies.



Lakes and oceans. Credit: xkcd

With the Marianas Trench being in the news for very bad pollution at great depths, and the Deepwater Horizon oil rig having a movie made about it, and the dodgy California dam at 230m high, this Info Graphic is timely. It’s a pity you can’t click on it to enlarge it, but it’s fascinating.  Look here:  This is a fascinating cartoon site – the guy has a very droll sense of humour. You might be able to see, left of centre, left of the words Abyssal Plain, two little blobs marked David Bowie and Freddy Mercury.

Considering I collected this graphic about five years ago, to show David Bowie down there in the depths is somewhat prescient.


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