A few more things


The rugged NW of WA   © PJ Croft 2017

I forgot to mention an incident at Denpasar Airport on Sunday. I was walking in the main concourse past the departure gates and right in the middle of the main entrance area, I spotted a cardboard box tied with blue twine on the floor, with no-one around it. I watched it for a minute or so and saw no-one who seemed to belong to it, so I was getting a bit alarmed and looking for a way to call security..

A guy walked past with a badge and a walkie-talkie. I yelled out Maaf! Maaf! (Exscuse me) to get his attention. He turned and looked at me and at that instant a guy who looked maybe Japanese hurriedly claimed the box, looking embarrassed as he did so. Idiot.


My phone battery was getting a bit low, so I looked at two free wi-fi counters, hoping to plug into a USB socket for charging. But they don’t have USB sockets, only mains power sockets for your charger. So no good to me. Why not provide USB sockets?


My new phone, the OnePlus-3T, is great, but it automatically downloaded a 1.3GB update of the Android O/S without my permission. Now I can’t choose my desktop “wallpaper” any more. The only choice is OnePlus’s rather garish and busy multicoloured screen, which makes it hard to see the apps and text.

I’ve searched high and low several times for a way to change it, but no luck. Similarly, I can’t find a way to stop automatic updating of apps and software. I don’t care about many of the apps and don’t want to waste bandwidth with updates, but I can’t find a way to disable it now. I guess I’ll have to hit the forums to complain.



Through my Lovina friend Vero I’ve met a Bali woman called Fetty who I’ve mentioned before, has a degree in IT but works from home as a chef. For Idul Fitre, she delivered this box of food, just for me! Free, a gift. I was astounded. It’s a mix of two meat dishes, beef and chicken curries, glutinous rice packed in those woven palm leaf baskets, various other savoury dishes and rice cracker snacks in the left front. The round balls are sweets. It was easily enough for two, so that was dinner for one night, with leftovers. It was very nice of her.



NW of WA   © PJ Croft 2017

I was reliably getting between 5 and 6Mb/sec in my hotel room at the Taksu. It was fantastic speed. compared to the 1.2Mb/sec I get here. It made all the difference. I could watch video clips without any hesitations. I’m tired of watching the spinning circle at home.

So this time, it’s time to start the NBN process. iiNet tells me I have FTTH, fibre to the home, ie right to my house, not to a box down the street and copper wire phone line from there, which is Turncoat Turnbull’s second rate plan.

I started clicking boxes tonight, but it requires me to phone them, so I’ll leave that to tomorrow when I have my wits about me. But it’s time to get the wheels rolling.


I saw the doc today and my left leg, although it looks pretty ugly after the bandage was removed, has healed OK, so the nurse didn’t do anything. Just leave it exposed.

I also have a referral to the Lions Eye Institute to ask them about my bleary left eye. Then after that, I have to have a colonoscopy as my Fecal Occult Blood Test came back positive. I had one only 2 1/2 years ago and it was all clear, but I’d better follow this up. Ugh. And some dental work is needed. I admit to a phobia about dentists, but it has to be done. Double ugh!

Plus I had blood taken today to try to diagnose my extreme fatigue, I feel so weak I v=can hardly stand up out of a chair st the moment. Something’s wrong.