So much for the NBN

Tested just now at 18:26 on Tuesday 22/8/17.

This is 1/5 the speed I was getting on ADSL. It’s unusable.  As well, I emailed iiNet Support two days ago about my phone not working – no response.

This slow speed has just cropped up – it’s been good up to now. Annoying. Looks like I’ll have to diagnose it myself.

Just as I’m having to diagnose and fix my DJI OSMO handheld gimbal camera. I can’t get a picture from it. It’s just blank, even though it’s powered up. I suspect I have to update the firmware, but grrrrr!  I’ve had little use out of this device since I bought it in May last year for $970. There are BIG problems with it, but they’ve shown themselves slowly and it’s out of warranty now. In the state it’s in at the moment, I couldn’t even sell it. Grrrrr!

I’ll get there, but crumbs, we shouldn’t have to debug our own problems.


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